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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shape Shifter!!!!

  Yesterday i received my Very 1st Lynnderella polishes!!!! I went a little crazy and ordered eight.
I got Shape Shifter, Happy Halo Daze, Funny Money, Lucky Numbers, Snow Angel, The Glittering Crowd, and 2 bottles of Connet the Dots!!! {one bottle for me, and one bottle for one of my wonderful followers} I've decided to do a Christmas giveaway : ) right now trying to get some more things together for it but it will be soon.
  NOW, AS SOON AS i got home last night I had to use my new pretties! I put Shape Shifter over Essie Lilacism. I've seen swatches of this beauty over black and darker colors and i loved it but i don't know, i just wanted to try it over a pastel. I like it : ) Let me know what you think?

  Also, taking Panda to see Breaking Dawn tomorrow and the sparkly-ness i see in this polish reminds me of Edward glistening in the sun! LOL! I know I can be such a dork. Enjoy!


-be sweet


  1. Yayayayyayayayyayaya!!! I got mine too!

  2. Thanks Sandra & YaY!!! Amy!! Looking forward to more awesome Lynnderella polish posts on your blog! :-)