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Monday, October 24, 2011

And Then There Were Three

    OK so I got some new ink today : ) I have 5 other tattoos. But THIS one was inspired by my Panda (one of my big girls). Marlee {or Panda as I call her}is in her first year of college, and she wanted her mom  (my best friend-Peg), her, and myself to get identical tattoos. We talked and talked and finally decided on "Just By Being You". For one we like that song by Steel Magnolias, but more importantly  we think that saying represents why each of us is important to the other and why they bring such joy, and love, and support, and acceptance to my life - it's just  by being them!!!

    Side note: love love love the very special people in my life! XOXOXOXO

   Now onto the NOTD===

  I used NYX girls Ink Heart. Not certain how to link a post yet but I'm gonna try. Keep fingers crossed. I saw this color on Chloe's Nails by Ms Erica and HAD to have it! OK That didn't work!! will have to work on that! But It was a post from December 2010 (the 28th i think).
I tried the dripping thing with China Glaze Something Sweet-don't know how I feel about this yet. What do you think?

Then i used the same pink and played with my dotting tools i just got on eBay : ) Gonna have to practice

What does everyone think of the beautiful blue? And the pink with it? you think it needs a little something else? Glitter maybe? ha ha I would put glitter on Everything! : D Till next time.....

-be sweet 

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