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Friday, October 28, 2011

Some Halloween Spiders

Hey There!! At work again! This seems to be the only place I can get my pics to upload! Well, today I was inspired by Spellbinding Nails to do some spiders. Of coarse mine are Nowhere as good as hers. {But i liked the idea of black widow spiders}. I used China Glaze Platinum Silver (a prize from my sissy-today) with OPI Serving up Sparkle Then I used my Monster Bundle plate and Sally Henson Grey Area to stamp a spider web.(Web doesn't show up too good in the pictures). : (Then I used Konad stamping polish in Black for the spiders, and one of my little tiny nail brushes with Malini Red Sparkle to TRY and make little Black Widow marks on their backs. Hope you all have a great weekend and Happy Halloween!!! I'm working all weekend and Monday night too: ( But the good thing is my night rotation will be up after this cycle and I get to go to day shift for three months!!!: )Yeah I can rejoin the living for a while : ) Well, here are my pics:               

-be sweet

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