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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Orly's Rock Solid!! and MORE GIVEAWAYS!!!!


              Good Afternoon! First off I was gonna do some Halloween stuff today but I remembered I got Orly Rock Solid and just HAD to put it on!! I LOve it! Inside you don't really see all the wonderful colors but in the SUN : ) Oh my!!!! Just look at all the goodness in the BOTTLE!!! Do ya'll have this color? What do you think?


                                Now on to the GIVEAWAYS! {I know i need a Tab for giveaways-it would be much easier : ) } But I didn't want to let my followers down so I had to let ya'll know about the giveaways I like :




               All three are great giveaways in my opinion!!  GOOD LUCK ALL!!!!!

-be sweet

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